Julie Bowers Murphy is best known for her lonely, cinematic figurative paintings and
soft-edged landscapes.  Her work as a painterly realist references bygone eras in an effort to preserve quiet, introspective moments.
"I have always had some sort of connection to the sea. The smell of it, the feel of it, the calm and the fury...

My work is heavily inspired by living by the water and the beautiful light it reflects. I split my time between the former fishing village of Norwalk, Connecticut and the artist colony of Provincetown, Massachusetts.

I find myself often exploring the lives of those who are dependent upon the sea for work: the longshoremen, the lighthouse keepers, the lobstermen, the sailors, the salts. What is it that drives one to work on the oceans? The power of the ocean--the solitude, the loneliness, yet also the camaraderie, and endless possibility of finding new worlds and escaping others...the sea provides the perfect tension for a never-ending story for my work."